“ESX” Attantion!!! Attack!!! “ESX”

We, HACKER TEAM – Armada Collective
1 – We checked your security system. The system works is very bad
2 – On Friday 26_08_2016_8:00p.m. GMT !!! We begin to attack your network servers and computers
3 – We will produce a powerful DDoS attack – up to 300 Gbps
4 – Your servers will be hacking the database is damaged
5 – All data will be encrypted on computers Cerber – Crypto-Ransomware
4 – You can stop the attack beginning, if payment 1 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS:   14RD6ixSshL1SiK42AqSfQg3ktPRDi1fh9
5 – Do you have time to pay. If you do not pay before the attack 1 bitcoin the price will increase to 20 bitcoins
6 – After payment we will advice how to fix bugs in your system
  Transfer 1 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS: 14RD6ixSshL1SiK42AqSfQg3ktPRDi1fh9  and you’ll be out of danger. 
Tja, das war’s denn wohl mit diesem Weblog hier. Schönen Gruß von die Cyber-Piraten. Heute Abend ist also Schluss mit lustig. Ich verabschiede mich an dieser Stelle schon mal und wünsche euch allen da draußen noch einen schönen Sommer.